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5700 Executive Center Drive,
Suite 100
Charlotte, North Carolina 28212

Telephone:(704) 207-0995
Fax:(855) 532-2779

Westinghouse Location
(Serving individuals in North & South Carolina)
224 Westinghouse Blvd. Unit 602
Charlotte, NC 28273

Telephone:(980) 226-5374
Fax:(866) 938-8551

Our office is open for scheduling appointments from Monday through Saturday. Urgent needs for services will be accommodated within 48 hours. Please call our main number 704-408-8489 to request an appointment. Our Operators speak both English and Spanish. Nuestras Operadoras hablan Español.


P&G Clinical Services is located at the intersection of Albemarle Road and Executive Center Drive, less than 10 minutes from the Charlotte Central Business District.