is comfort & Warmth

There is in every child at every stage a new miracle of LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING.





Making A Difference One Person At A Time

At P&G Clinical Services we are passionate about serving others. We are committed to provide the highest quality mental health services and to promote self-sufficiency and to empower them to become who they wish to become. P&G Clinical Services is committed to provide a safe place where others can learn about themselves, build on their strengths, heal from the affects of trauma, and live the life they desire. P&G Clinical Services goal is to provide the highest quality mental health services to the community, assist other agencies and assist other practitioners in becoming EMDR certified.

P&G Clinical Services practitioners specialized in the area of trauma for children, adolescents, adults & families. Although most are focused in the area of trauma, P&G Clinical Services practitioners are suited to help with a variety of emotional and behavioral challenges.


Does anyone in your family need counseling?

Does your child feel sad, frustrated or lonely?

If your answer was "Yes" to any of the questions above, it would be a good time to speak to a counselor (also known as therapist).

Do you feel angry, bothered or out of control?

A therapist is a person that is specialized in helping people organize their feelings and problems.